Cinnamon Symphony

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Inspired by
Angels Share by Kilian

Cinnamon Symphony

Sweet woody boozy magical scent.
Nice and pleasant blend of cognac, cinnamon, praline, vanilla, tonka and sandal wood.
A boozy gourmand reminiscent of a cinnamon pie.
Comforting, rich and sweet fragrance.

10 reviews for Cinnamon Symphony

  1. محمد السيد

    عطر جميل و نقي

  2. Radwa ayman

    Amazing sweet perfume with great longevity

  3. Salma alkady

    تجربة روعة البرفيوم تحفة و ثباته فظيع

  4. Mohamed Khalid

    Received a sample of this masterpiece. Such a top notch beautiful, warm, cosy, moderately sweet fragrance.
    Just ordered an extra bottle ♡

  5. Abdalla Elzafary (verified owner)

    Explosion of sweet sugary cinnamon that surrounds you in the best way possible its edible and very enjoyable , Perfuem perfect for the winter season and all year round , it is extremelly well performing, brilliant sillage, excellent longevity and an absolute crowd pleaser

  6. اشتريت البرفيوم في عروض نوڤمبر و بصراحة تحفة

    Sara sleim

  7. ناصر الفهد

    تجربة أكثر من رائعة مع هذا العطر دافىء و جذاب لأبعد الحدود

  8. Ahmed tarek

    Very unique

  9. Dina

    the perfect spicy sweet scent. very addictive.

  10. Mohamed Kamal

    أنا منبهر بالجمال والأداء بتاع العطر ده والله

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