Coconut Colada

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Inspired by

Creed Virgin Island water

coconut colada

Tropical blend of coconut, lime, rum, sugar and musk.

Boozy lime cocktail with hints of creamy fresh coconut and hints of citrus zesty sweetness.

Well blended, soft, great for beach, pool and other summertime activities.

2 reviews for Coconut Colada

  1. Abdalla Elzafary

    Summer in a bottle ☀️🍋🥥🍹
    Fresh mixture of tropical citruses and sweet coconut makes this perfume Refreshing and sweet without any sharpness or bitterness, it’s a perfectly round scent, with sugar and coconut hugging you and the lime and rum peeking through. Balanced in the notes, absolutely summer bomb .
    Great projection and lasting power.

  2. Mohammad Fouad (verified owner)

    عطر coconut colada قنبلة جوز هند مناسب جدا للصيف وبعتبره من أفضل العطور الصيفية المنعشة ومحاكاة ممتازة لكريد فيرچن أيلاند ووتر وأداء ممتاز جدا واشكر
    سيوة على جودة ونقاء عطورها المميزة

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