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Inspired by
Falcon Leather


Leather, oud, smoky animalic blend of saffron, labdanum based on oud & leather. Resinous, smoky opening followed by oriental leather enriched with oud Perfect for cloudy days & cold nights.

Enjoy Oriental desert vibes at its finest !

2 reviews for Sahar

  1. Ahmed Ashraf

    I usually like leathery & oudy perfumes, but this one is on a whole new different level. Probably one if the best qualities and longevity perfumes. I would highly recommend it to everyone… it’s just perfect.

  2. Ahmad algniny

    تيروني- بلاك افغانو- أمواج انترلود والتلات انواع عندي سحر
    ميكس يجمع اجمل ما فيهم مع ثبات وفوحان عطر شتوي من الدرجه الاولى

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